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Insurance Information Services

Insurance Information Services, Inc., our parent company, has now been conducting business on a national basis for over 20 years. We not only conduct investigative work for insurance companies, but now with CrossChex, we have branched out and now offer our services to law firms, corporate entities and financial institutions.

Over the past 20 years we have worked for Fortune 500 companies across the globe. IIS is a premier insurance consulting firm, servicing a wide variety of clients. IIS has a proven track record of providing cost-effective services and tools to obtain fast, detailed, and accurate information for its clients.

In 2001 IIS branched out and developed First InfoSource which is an online website providing database access to Missouri specific driver and vehicle registration records. The first of its kind in Missouri, First InfoSource, has become a staple for investigators, insurance companies, law firms and corporate entities.

Now, in 2015, IIS has taken First InfoSource to a whole new level with the advent of the Missouri License Monitor. The Monitor allows an end user to upload a list of drivers and our system will constantly monitor that list of drivers for any type of change in their driving record. Once a change has occurred in a driving record, the end-user will be immediately and proactively notified of the change.

Finally, the need for our investigative services has grown into many different industries and we have made a decision to rebrand our investigative division into CrossChex. This rebranding allows our services to more easily be offered to law firms, human resource departments and corporate entities.

First Info Source

First InfoSource offers real-time user-friendly access to driver, vehicle and boat record in Missouri. The new updated assistant now provides 30 years worth of digitized action or crash reports throughout the state of Missouri. We've also just obtained the full sex offender registry and department of corrections, incarceration and probation and parole records.

Traditional first InfoSource DMV access can be utilized for insurance claims and underwriting, fleet management, employee screening and much more.

First InfoSource was designed in 2001 as a division of insurance information services to offer unique, access to drivers and vehicle records in Missouri, which did not exist previously, let alone had the frequency of updating daily.

Utilizing our 20 years of insurance and investigative experience, we designed and implemented this versatile system.

We house a copy of the entire Missouri driver and vehicle files in our database and then make it multi-field searchable in order to provide the user more records associated with an individual or address.

We have created a proprietary system to handle these 20+ million records which must be experienced to be appreciated.

First InfoSource maintains the most inclusive and search friendly database containing Missouri specialized records. The user can access up-to-date Missouri driving records, vehicle registration, dealer, boat, sex offender, accidents and incarceration records. Not only is access immediate but all searches are less than the state repository fees.

Missouri License Monitor

Missouri License Monitor, an exciting new program being offered by IIS, as of October 1, 2015, is a natural complement to IIS’ existing services and tools. This proactive risk-management solution provides up-to-date Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) to help reduce liability and ensure public safety.

Companies should take every possible precaution to ensure that they employ and insure qualified, safe drivers. An organization that wants to enhance its risk-my management profile understands that a once-a-year assessment is not enough. Frequent MVR monitoring proves due diligence and reduces the chance of catastrophic accidents.

It is critical that companies uphold consistency and fairness when making decisions based on MVR information. Missouri License Monitor provides measurable, reliable, and auditable data. Available in a dashboard format, its metrics have the following characteristics: specific, accurate and timely detail; honest assessment; consistency; repeatability and reproducibility; actionability; time-series tracking and predictability.

Following in the footsteps of similar government-level programs instituted in California, New York, and Maryland, Missouri License Monitor periodically notifies employers and insurance carriers of driver-related risk, including recently issued citations, revocations, suspensions, and license expirations. MVR data is assessed on a daily basis and made readily available and easy to understand. When a change occurs, clients are alerted via email notification. An intuitive web-based dashboard provides full automation, integration, and constant access to all needed reports, changes, and summaries.

Cost-Effective Approach:
Missouri License Monitor cannot be beaten when it comes to providing an excellent return on investment. At a rate of cents per driver per month, our program offers a comprehensive solution with no hidden or additional fees.

Intuitive Dashboard:
Not only does Missouri License Monitor provide current and accurate data, but its presentation is easy to access, sort, and understand. The typical underwriting or human resources department spends far too much time organizing and trying to make sense of data. We simplify information for your benefit!