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Investigative Services

Since 1995, through our parent company, Insurance Information Services, our firm has been conducting investigations for insurance companies, law firms and corporate entities. Additionally, for the past 15 years, we have facilitated the acquisition of hard to obtain data and made it readily available to our clients.

You can submit an assignment form online, by email or fax it to (520) 229-6190.

Asset Searches

From limited to comprehensive we have an asset search capability that is unmatched.

Whether you simply need a general overview of someone's financial stability or you are looking at serious post judgment recovery via liens, garnishments or levies we have the ability to fulfill your needs.


For over 20 years we have been one of the nation's leaders in the ability to locate individuals. To this day, we still have the capability of finding those who do not want to be found. We can find individuals that other firms just cannot do.

We are always interested in showing our clients and potential clients our capabilities. Please feel free to contact us for a sample of our work or a consultation.

Bank Account Searches

For post judgment recovery and collections we have the most comprehensive bank locate capabilities in the country.

With the advent of online and digital banking more and more records are becoming available.

Locating a bank account is a specialty skill that we thrive at. Successful bank account searching is wholly dependent upon the financial stability of the subject.

Background Checks

We offer flat rate as well as time and expense national background checks. Whether it's a limited search or a fully comprehensive due diligence search, we can assist.

We have a unique group of networks and online resources that allows us a national capability to offer comprehensive and timely results.

Pre-employment Screening

We offer comprehensive national pre-employment screening searches. These searches can be as limited or as detailed as you, the client, would like.

Many competitors use cookie-cutter approaches and unreliable services to handle their preemployment screening. Additionally, the arcade methodology of some firms provides very slow turnaround.

Our firm has national comprehensive capability with turnaround time under 48 hours.

Phone Searches

Sometimes all you need is to contact someone. We have several resources that allow us to obtain direct dial contact information on individuals.

Even when an individual does not have a telephone number actually registered in their name we can often find the number that they are using or find an alternate message phone.