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Who We Are

First InfoSource was designed in 2001, as a division of Insurance Information Services to offer unique, flexible access to drivers and vehicle records in Missouri, which did not exist previously, let alone have the frequency of updating. We used our 20 plus years of insurance and investigations experience to design and implement this versatile system. We house a copy of the entire Missouri driver & vehicle files in our database and then make it multi-field searchable, to provide the user more records associated with an individual or address. We have created a proprietary system to handle these 20 million records, which must be experienced to be appreciated. In the years to come, IIS will continue to assertively position itself as an indispensable resource for clients with information needs.


In this day and age we are all faced with the formidable task of weeding out bad information, unacceptable risk, and fraud. Unfortunately, until now there have been few cost effective tools to allow new procedures to be placed into effect through the mainstream course of business. Whether it is insurance underwriting, collections, or fraud, First Infosource will offer the tools you need to succeed. First Infosource is dedicated to accuracy, quality, and integrity, both in our data as well as in our business relationships. We approach our members with a partnership attitude and our dedication to you, our customer, is our primary focus.

RESTful Services

Currently, First Infosource offers the most extensive information search and retrieval service for motor vehicle and driver data from Missouri. Records are updated each evening allowing you to gather the most up-to-date information available. First InfoSource is RESTful API that provides quick access for authorized users to retrieve motor vehicle records. Customers submit JSON or XML request to a designated portal. The application converts raw data into relevant, consistent information that is returned in real-time! It has a highly reliable and flexible architecture that can meet your needs. Whether you need to do one-at-a-time lookups or receive large batches of records, it can scale to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients. To gain access to the web service, download the access agreement, complete and send it in. Next, we will forward you the technical documentation that will give you the information you need to begin building your client. Alternatively, visit our Developer's portal for more information.